Our lives are full of hard-to-recycle items we no longer want or need that can't simply be tossed in the recycling bags picked up by the Department of Sanitation (DSNY).  These include goods and materials, either not accepted by DSNY or collected infrequently.  


The most frequent question we get is: "Where can I recycle... [fill in the blank]?"

So we created our unique HARD-TO-RECYCLE LIST - updated regularly as we get new information.  

Open the Hard-to-Recycle List and you'll find lots of practical information on what to do with:

  • Batteries & Lighting;

  • Compost;

  • Computers, Cell Phones & Other Electronic Equipment;

  • Household Hazardous Waste;

  • Paper Shredding;

  • Plastics;

  • Textiles & Carpeting; and also 

  • General and Miscellaneous information

This HARD-TO-RECYCLE LIST is also available with every Eco Letter so, if you're not already one of our readers, you can subscribe here or click on the big yellow button. 

Bookmark this page for the next time you have one of those hard-to-recycle items and don't know what to do with it.

To find out if an item is accepted by DSNY, or for information on recycling collection schedules, NYC recycling information and laws, as well as other ways to reduce the waste stream, call 311 or click here to contact them directly.  


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